I Am the Bread of Life. Therefore, I Will…Part three.

I Am the Bread of Life. Therefore, I Will…Part three.

What was God’s purpose in using a wedding to describe intimacy? Here we are back to the subject that all things spiritual lead-Intimacy with God.

From the beginning, Christ laid the foundation for redeeming His people into a life of oneness with Himself. Before He created Eve, God took something from Adam to make a way for love. He took Adam’s rib to create Eve. Adam proclaimed she was now bone of my bone, and what? – Flesh of my flesh.

Genesis 2: 24

24 That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.

What do they become? One flesh. Again, when Jesus asks us to eat His Flesh and drink His blood in Chapter Six of John, He asks us to become one with Him. We are, indeed, what we eat and drink.


God’s goal is to leave everything (father, mother, and the world) behind and experience intimacy with God. Just as Adam offered His body to receive Eve, Christ offered His body to obtain the love of His life – us. 

Every page written in scripture points to only one thing, Jesus! It points to the law because Jesus is the law. It doesn’t point to a prophet for eternal life or scripture for life because Jesus says they (scripture) testify of Me. 

Since the fall, our human nature naturally draws us away from God. That’s why Jesus is a choice and the only way to eternal life. Jesus said the work is to believe in me and the one who sent Me. Works are a result of that union, hence, the wedding feast. Knowing about Me doesn’t reward us. Good works result from an internal relationship, not an external one.

I Am the Bread of Life. Therefore I WILL accept your choice to be one with Me.

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