I Am the Bread of Life – Therefore I WILL..

I Am the Bread of Life – Therefore I WILL..


When Jesus told the parable of the wedding feast, there was God the Father, whose preparations were for His Son, the servants, and those invited. Allow me to turn this parable into an analogy that may help to understand where we fit into this picture.

The Father sent His servants out with open invitations to all, but not all were interested. Life crowded most people’s time, energy, and focus. The invitation, they discarded. 

The ones who were interested were the hungry and needy. Many were disabled with paralyzing fear, while others had physical maladies and emotional wounds, unable to feed themselves.

 The servants became a necessary and integral part of the Father’s plan. They wheeled the hungry in wheelchairs, supported the fragile, and helped carry and feed those without the strength to move.

Everyone that accepted the invitation ate of the bread of life. The more they ate, the stronger they became. Those who ate until they were full became healed entirely. They then became the Father’s servants to bring others to the table. However, some servants became weary and forgot that they, too must eat the bread. They became weak and lost sight of the Father. 

Where are you in this analogy?


Jesus says I Am the Bread of Life (this bread is a life and death matter.) Therefore I WILL feed you to overflowing – if you will eat.

John 6:35

New International Version

35 Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry,

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