Loss and Gain Part- Two

Loss and Gain Part- Two

Have you ever been betrayed by a family member? What would you think if all ten of your siblings hated you enough to consider murdering you? Joseph came within a hair of that very thing happening when a caravan heading for Egypt came along. The opportunity of profiting from selling him outweighed Joseph’s life.

Would you question where God was in this?

The next earth-shattering reality struck Joseph in the heart when sold to Potiphar as an enslaved person. Would you feel abandoned, forgotten, or terrified?

Would you question where God was now?

How about being wrongly accused of trying to rape your boss’s wife, thrown into prison, and forgotten? Things started looking up when Potiphar’s cup-bearer and baker had dreams. God chose Joseph to give the interpretation. But no, one lost his life, and the other forgot what Joseph had done for him.

Everything that happened to Joseph was for a reason Joseph could not see or understand. The spoiled rich boy lost every support he had outside the only one who could save him. Joseph clung to his only source of strength.

Now Joseph, along with Moses, was ready for greatness. What adversities draw your attention away from focusing on Jesus? Your trials will prepare you for something great, even if you cannot see it. Hang in there; it will be worth the wait.

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