Loss and Gain Part-Three

Loss and Gain Part-Three

After David killed Goliath, he was honored by King Saul for a time, but Jealousy overtook Saul until his hatred for David outweighed his admiration. Even though David won wars for Saul, the people’s love for David grew more and more, and Saul’s popularity diminished.

God instructed Samuel, the last of the Old Testament Judges and the first of the later Prophets, to anoint David as Israel’s next King. If you were David, would you not expect something to happen relatively soon to bring such a promise about? Instead, he had to run from one hiding place to another continually, one town to another, and from one desert to another to save his life.

David’s trial had just begun. How long, Lord, how long? One year, or two years, maybe three years of waiting? How about five years or ten? NO! It took almost fifteen years of running and hiding before David was finally ready for greatness.

Waiting for the Almighty to fulfill a promise or a prayer request may seem endless, but God is faithful. When the time is right, the answer will come. In the meantime, the lesson is learning to trust Him regardless of how bad or long it seems. Living in a world of instant gratification makes patience difficult. Then remembering how long He had to wait for me to “get it” helps me to understand and quiet my questioning.

Moses, Joseph, and David endured significant hardships, but ultimately, it was worth the hurt, loneliness, desperation, and waiting.

Matthew 24:13

Amplified Bible

13 But the one who endures and bears up [under suffering] to the end will be saved.

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