I Am

I Am

Before I post what I have written for publication today, I invite you to join several of us in responding to God’s call to press into Jesus. Three different people have had the same call. I believe He is calling all His children to push into His presence deliberately.

If you are interested, we are inviting you to do this. Go to where you have minimal distractions and sit quietly before the Father. Ask Him to reveal what He wants you to know about Him. God is the great “I Am.” I Am the way, the truth, the Life, and so on, but it doesn’t stop there. Because He is the “I AM,” He also says to us, therefore, “I WILL” Because “I Am,” the Way “I WILL” show you which way to go.

At first, I thought to make a list of “I Am” to make it easier for you, but He stopped me because He said He wanted to lead you to what you needed to know and not me.

After the Lord reveals what He wants to say to you, write it down and send it to me via messenger, text, or however convenient. It can be one paragraph, two or three pages. However long you are inspired to write.

We are looking forward to what the Lord has given you. Give your name or not. It’s up to you.

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