Are You Free?

Are You Free?

The Passover originated while the children of Israel were still captives in Egypt. They wanted salvation from their circumstance. God, through many miracles, demonstrated His desire and ability to free them from bondage. 

Through visual aids, He gave them the story of Jesus as the sacrificial lamb that brings release from captivity and the gift of salvation. In obedience, they chose a lamb without blemish, sacrificed it, and spread its blood on the doorposts of their homes. The angel of death passed over every house with blood on the doorpost.

Let me ask you a question. When were Israel’s children freed? Was it when they walked through the blood or at some later point in time? 

In God’s reality, it was when they walked through the blood, but in Israel’s reality, they were still in captivity. They saw a long road ahead and much to accomplish before the Promised Land. The bases of their reality hinged on their circumstance rather than on faith. 

At every step, they required God to prove Himself before they believed. Consequently, instead of three months, it took forty years to arrive at the borders of Canaan. Even then, they entered, not because of their faith but because of the iniquity overflowing on the other side.

Please stop trying to become free when we are already free. When we ask for forgiveness, it is even so at that moment, not later. We stifle freedom’s fulfillment when we gauge our progress by our circumstances instead of God’s promises. Sin no longer has dominion over you and me when we accept God’s reality rather than adverse conditions as truth.

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