Where’s the Fence?

Where’s the Fence?

What does it mean for me to believe in God? Is believing He exists sufficient? Is setting aside a time for gathering together to hear someone preach enough? Tell me, how much time should I spend on the subject of God in my life?

Is there such a thing as too much of Jesus (God)?

Those who have surrendered their will in exchange for God’s will realize no separation. There is no such thing as partly secular or partly spiritual lives because there is no fence to straddle—horror of horrors. The fence is not an available escape. It’s either, or, and nothing more.

The world, under the supervision of Satan, paints a picture of God most run away from rather than seeking His renewing power. Christ is not Santa Clause in charge of supplying demanded craven desires. His purpose in my life is to transform my ugliness into something beautiful.

Like any relationship, He wants more, to know me better, to wed His life to mine. No matter my circumstance, the bitter blows I’ve suffered, I have found a friend that sticks with me, no matter my failings.

Are you brave enough to let Jesus be your fixer-upper?

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