In the Life of Leah Part-7

In the Life of Leah Part-7

In the Life of Leah Part-7

Leah’s story helps us understand Satan’s workings versus an almighty Father’s workings in our lives. There are eight critical truths to contemplate and address.

  1. The first thing to consider would be the two forces at work in the world. There are not three or one, but two only. A neutral zone doesn’t exist.


    2. There is an actual war taking place for our souls. I saw firsthand that battle, and it wasn’t imaginary. Pretending it doesn’t exist will not alter the truth; ignoring it is a fatal mistake.


    3. The focus of the battle is for the mind, the decision-maker of the body. What we decide is what we get. We decide who will govern our senses, God, from whom every good and perfect gift comes, or Satan, from whom every evil thought and deed originates. Please make no mistake; you and I are not a third factor. 


     4. Next, take inventory of the unrealized doors left open to demonic occupation. We don’t have to invite the devil in to take control of our will; he will take it if left unguarded. He will take control of our minds and destroy us unless we ask Jesus to intervene.


       5. On the flip side, Jesus never resides where He is not wanted. Most of us need help understanding this vital truth. We must invite Him to enter our heart’s door. Satan enters uninvited! Deciding for Jesus is a conscious decision. Neglecting to choose Jesus becomes Satan’s open door.


       6. Do not get discouraged if it looks like Jesus is doing nothing. The only One who knows our friends and family better than we know them is Him. He knows the right time to present His case. Also, He is apt to use unorthodox methods to get our attention, as He did with Leah.

        7. What are you going to do about Jesus? Your answer will change your life for good or bad. No other consideration holds more importance than this decision.


        8. Be willing to let Jesus transform your life. You’ll love what He has in mind!–Start today.

The End

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