In the Life of Leah Part-6

In the Life of Leah Part-6

In the Life of Leah Part-6

As we sat down together, she told me what had caused her to get in touch. She and her boyfriend lived together. He loved motorcycles and would often take her on long rides. During one of these excursions, Leah began remembering the songs the girls sang during worship at the academy. She remembered that the harmony of 160 girls was like the voices of angels now ringing in her ears. As they road through the evergreen trees on a mountain pass, she could not get those once familiar songs out of her mind. The hound of heaven was after her, softening her heart.

After the revelation of previous events, I came to the pivotal point. “There is only one thing left for you to decide. Answer this question without any other considerations (yeah, but what if): What will you do about Jesus? Do you want Him in your life or not?” After a moment of hesitation, the answer came. She shook her head, “I want Him in my life.”

Everything changed for Leah. Finding a bible study group to attend and informing her boyfriend they could no longer live together was a start. The boyfriend desired to participate in the bible study with her and thus began a new life for Leah. The future was unexpected as they surrendered their hearts to Christ, were baptized in the river of forgiveness, and married shortly after.

To be Continued

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