In the Life of Leah Part-5

In the Life of Leah Part-5

Sometime after Leah had left the chapel, I received a report that she was missing from the campus. Exhausted from the ordeal, I went back to my office. Was this the final outcome? Was this a failed attempt to relieve this broken child of her torment? Without thinking, I instinctively knew where she had gone. I say instinctively because I had no foreknowledge of where she might be.

About eighteen miles from the academy campus was the second largest city in the State of Washington. Within that city were several parks, but I knew precisely at which park I would find her. We came to the park and drove in with two other people I had recruited. Within minutes we had located Leah. God told me Leah’s location. At this moment, I realized an omnipotent God was in control of my mind, and I had just experienced a miracle. She was now calm but did not want to revisit what had taken place earlier.

Leah finished her senior year and returned to her home and family. I continued my work with the uneasy feeling of unfinished business. A year passed before the phone rang with Leah on the other end. It was a short conversation. She was now living in a large city far from the school, but she requested that I come to see her. I agreed.

To be Continued

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