In the Life of Leah Part-4

In the Life of Leah Part-4

In the Life of Leah Part-4

I had no idea what would happen next. All I knew was that I must be willing to battle demonic forces. I also knew it must be God doing the fighting because I was no match for Satan. One of God’s hurting children desperately needed rescue that only He could accomplish.

We made our way to the chapel at the time and place previously selected. I had never experienced anything like what I encountered that day. The atmosphere was electric, with two opposing forces vying for preeminence. I could physically feel the ebb and flow of power between the influence of a sinister presence and the counteraction of Christ Himself. A war between good and evil raged while kneeling on the chapel floor.

The struggle grew so intense every hair on my body stood on end. I don’t recall a word I said, but at one moment, the omniscient presence of God settled over us, and Leah relaxed. The next moment rage took possession of her body and voice. Over and over, the battle went on until, finally, Leah stood up and ran out of the chapel.

To be Continued


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