In the Life of Leah Part-3

In the Life of Leah Part-3

Demonic visitations in her dormitory room began happening regularly. The devil rewarded the open door to evil to enter and establish a personal relationship. Not a voice, not a feeling, but in physical form, the demon came. In tandem, they collaborated on a plan so terrifying as to give Leah pause. Murder was on her mind. The battle for supremacy in her thinking between good and evil became full-blown.

Sitting at my desk, I didn’t know what to make of the sullen figure coming through my office door. Leah walked in and quietly sat down without speaking a word. I could sense an ominous struggle taking place in her mind. Slowly she began unraveling the demonic influence’s hidden desires over her. Without giving too many details, she told me the plan to kill me. Without fear, I asked her if she would be willing to pray. The time appointed must be after her classes and when there would be no interruptions. Nodding the affirmative, she said yes,

To be Continued

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