The Most Holy Place

The Most Holy Place

I step into the heart of God, have left the world behind, and have relinquished my desire for control. I am His, and He is mine. I am in the Most Holy Place. The Ark of the Covenant stands front and center as a constant reminder that God’s faithfulness never runs out. He described His character in stone so we would never forget.

 The beauty of the resurrected Christ consumes my earthliness, bathing me in a newness of life. The struggle is over, for one far greater than I clothes me in His armor and surrounds me with the armies of heaven.

 Until this moment, there was uncertainty if I could measure up to what I thought was an unachievable standard. I now know that Jesus Christ finished the work on the cross. He did it for me so I could rest. All I had to do was abandon every perishable thing for eternal things.

 The cross reclaimed Jesus’ kingship from this world’s prince to become King of heaven and earth again. The glory of His presence is palpable in this place where oneness becomes a reality and intimacy reigns. With liberated joy, I salute the Commander and Chief of my soul. No longer am I a victim of the devil’s schemes but a victor because of Jesus.

The journey to intimacy is challenging because my human nature strives for supremacy. For some, it takes many trials and failures to realize their need. I also have to learn without the intercession of Christ, I am helpless. My need and utter helplessness drove me to the feet of the Savior, where He stands with open arms, waiting for the faintest whisper of His name.

The joys that accompany intimacy with God are multifaceted. Here are its results:

  1. No more guilt for unforgiven sins.
  2. Freedom from the struggle of trying to become what I am not.
  3. Being born again removes the desire to live outside of God’s will for my life.
  4. Circumstances no longer control me.
  5. Christ’s prayer in John 17 is to be one with the Father, and He answers.
  6. He replaces fear with trust.
  7. Knowing I am loved, accepted, and never abandoned.

These are only samples of the intimate, redeeming heart of God. Come, join me in the Most Holy Place.

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