The Journey to Intimacy

The Journey to Intimacy

It is in the Holy Place we first become aware of the personal presence of God. Christ’s presence is in the Holy Place, and The Holy Spirit dwells in the room and the heart where God’s glory is displayed. When I enter God’s presence, He teaches me to recognize His voice, removes the sting of my sordid past, and assures me He’s with me for the long haul.

Acts 2:25

25 For David says of Him,

I saw the Lord continually before me, 

 Because He is at my right hand, so that I will not be shaken.

There’s the answer. I will not be shaken if Jesus is constantly with me. Acknowledging Christ’s presence daily keeps my focus on Him and guards me against myriad distractions. 

It is in the Holy Place I meet the crucified Christ personally. The One I must cling to, lean upon, trust in, meditate on, and give every earthly tie. The Lampstand is a constant reminder of the Holy Spirit’s presence that cannot be left unattended. If neglected, the lamps begin to flicker, grow dim, and burn out. The oil (Holy Spirit) never ran dry in the seven burning lights of Solomon’s temple. The priest’s responsibility was to replenish the lamp’s oil daily. Matthew 25.

The work in the life of the Christ-follower is to keep Jesus ever present. The five foolish virgins in the parable of the ten virgins were missing the amount of oil needed in their progression to intimacy. They were too busy, distracted, or indolent to keep their lamps burning. At this time in which we live, I must be vigilant in my pursuit of knowing Christ.

To be continued

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