In These Hours of Need

In These Hours of Need

 Psalm 142:1-3

 I cry aloud to the Lord;

     I lift up my voice to the Lord for mercy.

 I pour out before him my complaint;

     before him I tell my trouble.

When my spirit grows faint within me,

     it is you who watch over my way.

 The evil that stalks our path is relentless. Satan never wearies of holding vigil over our every move looking for the opportunity to strike terror in our souls. He brings questions, doubts, feelings of failure, unworthiness, guilt, and a plethora of discouraging circumstances. There’s one thing we can be sure to experience, the devil attacking our minds. 

 It would be a waste of energy attempting to keep these attacks from happening because they are inevitable. What we can and should address is how to combat the darkness when it comes. Left unattended, we fall under the spell of demonic forces and find ourselves in a deep depression.

 Look at David’s response in the text above and learn from someone Jesus loved dearly. What was the first thing David did? He didn’t look to correct the situation himself. He cried out loud to the Lord. David did not ask for strength to fight the intrusion but for mercy. At that point, he tells the Almighty how he feels, his complaint, and lays out the problem before Him. His lack of involving himself in the solution implies his helplessness. David acknowledges his frailty and demonstrates trust in God, who watches over him.

 We must not believe evil is greater than the goodness of God. The enemy is causing you to accept how you feel as truth. No matter how impossible our trouble seems, Jesus is mightier still. 

In these hours of need, visualize the Lord sweeping down to rescue you. Act on who you know to help you and never on your feelings. The promises of God never fail. What He says, He will do. 

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