On The Edge

On The Edge

As a child, I had many dreams I could recite with clarity the day after. As I got older, the dreams became fewer and quickly faded along with their remembrances. I recently had a dream I couldn’t stop thinking about, which turned out to hold great significance.

In the dream, I was standing at the edge of a broad and dark abyss. A round rock attached to a cord was hanging down from above. The beginning of the line was visible and then disappeared from view. I knew the rock ball attached to the cord was the means of swinging to the other side. There was no continuation to my dream. 

Since the recollection of this disturbing occurrence kept repeating itself, I finally asked the Lord if there was a meaning or interpretation He wanted to give me. The answer was yes.

  1. The rock represented Jesus. The Way, the Truth, and the Life, the Rock of our foundation.
  2. The connecting line is the Holy Spirit as present but not invisible. 
  3. The abyss is a place of no return.

Everything depends on one’s relentless desire to cross over; timing is of utmost importance as the pendulum swings back and forth and loses momentum with every sway. Landing is most successful at the first swing but gradually decreases as the inclination to span the abyss diminishes. One must cling to the line and trust the solid rock to reach the desired landing. 

Eventually, the impulse ceases, the pendulum stops swinging, and the one with no desire left slips from the rock into the darkness below. 

This dream was a vivid warning to anyone struggling with their quest to reach the other side of darkness, swinging back and forth between Jesus and the world. God supplied a means of getting beyond the abyss, a way of escape. Opportunities are running out as the pendulum swings to a halt. 

Critical decisions are in process, and time is short. Jesus is not the one who determines my outcome; I am.

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