The Promised Land

The Promised Land

The spiritual application for Israel’s crossing over Jordon begins as follows: (Read the two previous posts to understand where we are.)

As Joshua followed God’s directives, he had the priests carry the Ark of the Covenant before the people. A covenant is an agreement God made with Israel to bring them. A land quantified as flowing with milk and honey. This land became the Promised Land to Israel (Its proper name was Canaan.) As the priest entered the overflowing banks of the Jordan River, the waters parted, and the multitude of Israelites crossed over.
When God invites us to enter into a new relationship, figuratively, He parts the waters for us to walk into His presence. His promises (the Ark of the Covenant) become integral to that process. The Lord’s promise to forgive, start a new life and leave the past behind give us the courage to test the water.

Crossing the Jordan for Israel was the first step toward rest for the people of God in a long journey yet to come. Just as Israel’s work still lay before them upon entering Canaan, we don’t rest on the river banks and stay there after accepting Christ as our Savior.

Finding freedom and forgiveness creates an inner joy never experienced in the world. Too many see this as the end game and miss the fulfillment Christ longs to give us. The ones who stop at the river’s edge, thinking their rest of the journey is all a proverbial “bed of roses,” become disillusioned and retreat to familiar surroundings.

We have reached the first phase in our Christian walk.
Phase two is yet to come.

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10 months ago

beautiful post. Thanks Ruth

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