The Promised Land

The Promised Land


Don’t think the devil doesn’t try to convince us to change our minds once we have decided to follow Jesus. He left us alone when we were going in the same direction as he. Now, we have become his enemy. By any means possible, he will attempt to turn us back to the way we used to live. For this reason, Joshua 1:9 becomes a most important promise to remember.

 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

It overwhelms us to think of fighting the enemy and changing our life all at once. Unless we understand Jesus is constantly working for us, we will collapse in utter defeat and exhaustion. That is not what Jesus has planned for us.


The third phase of the Christian walk is to realize we are entirely helpless to do anything about our condition. The flesh cries out, “not true the Lord helps those who help themselves.” The biggest mistake we can make is to believe this lie. Choosing to follow Jesus and live a victorious life is a continual process of surrender.

God commissioned Israel to rid the entire territory of evil, tearing down all the idols dedicated to foreign gods and rid the country of any other immoral practices. He asks the same from us. I know I can’t do that in my strength. Because Jesus knows this, He made a plan for our success.

Here is the work in the Christian life, willingly surrendering all that stands between Jesus and us. Every time He reveals an Idol we are hanging on to, we offer it to Him for Him to remove. Whenever He brings us to recognize something immoral in our life, we submit it to Him for Him to change.

The most challenging work for a Christ follower is to give up what we want as an acceptable thing to have. An internal struggle ensues when Jesus prompts us to release what we want to keep.

 There is no other battle more difficult than to abandon ourselves to Him. The ultimate request Jesus makes will require total confidence in Him.

The words in His promises will hold us fast and see us through to endure whatever lies ahead. We must keep our eyes focused on the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, His wondrous love for us, and His ability to defeat every attack the devil perpetrates against us. We are victorious overcomers because of Jesus.

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