Present Wonders

Present Wonders

Present Wonders

I see you, Lord, in the movement of the clouds. Some You’ve painted brilliant white; some shades of gray, while others are dark and angry. They seem to mimic the moods of man. It helps me see you understand.

I feel your gentle touch Lord in crystal drops of rain that wash the grassy slopes and cleanse the bough of the evergreen. Because of this, I know you see my tears and teach me there is nothing here to fear.

I hear You Father in the hallowed chorus Your winged creation sings at the sun’s rising and when the shadows turn to night. How lovely to know Your songs of joy whisper over me until the morning light.

I feel Your presence Lord when breezes touch my face and rush to rustle the poplar’s glistening leaves. You let me know; you have all things under control. I need not dread the storm or the demonic swarm anymore.

I receive the essence of Your love in the fragrance of the rose and in the meadow’s bloom.  I’m comforted by the sights and sounds surrounding me. They speak Jesus to my mind and heart that sets me free.

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