Of What are You Afraid?

Of What are You Afraid?

The most popular promise in all scripture belongs in the heart of His people. In various wordings, Jesus tells us not to be afraid, for He is with us and will not leave or forsake us.

Can I ask you a personal question? Fortunately, you don’t need to answer me but to yourself. Of what are you afraid? The very first phrase in the promise commands. “Do not be afraid.” Why does Jesus adjure us not to be frightened? BECAUSE HE IS WITH US. Okay, so what does that mean?

The promise means the quicksand we walk through will not pull us under because He will set our feet on solid ground. It means when we stumble and fall, He will redirect our steps. He will hold us during the darkest hours of our existence.

Take a lesson from the child who is distracted in a store and loses sight of their mother. In desperation, she calls out for her mom, and the mother searches for her lost child in distress.

Our enemy inundates our lives with trinkets to distract, obstacles of torture, whether past, present, or fear of the future. This world is a cesspool of the devil’s commitment to allure our attention away from Jesus to the problem. What Jesus doesn’t do is promise to remove our uncomfortable circumstances.

The promise stands as a shield against the most vigorous efforts of the adversary. Today is a brighter day knowing Jesus is not going anywhere; He’s right beside every one of His children. If we do lose focus and stray, we can be sure He’s on the hunt to find us. So, we don’t have to be afraid-of anything!

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