Stinky Stuff

Stinky Stuff

Problematic issues vary in every person’s life. It is safe to say we all have struggled with unraveling the meaning of an unwanted circumstance. I am still battling the pain in and around my hip. This condition has been going on for months. I thought it was close to being healed when it took a turn for the worse.

We often wonder why God appears silent when we don’t understand events. Is it because He doesn’t care, or is there a more critical need to realize?

It has to be weeded, plowed up, watered, and fertilized to have a garden that thrives. Many unpleasant things have to occur, and a lot of stinky stuff is applied before a crop comes to flourish.

Since God is on our side and never against us, we must endure the stinky stuff believing the result will honor the gardener’s vision. In other words, we are not a productive garden without the pulling of painful weeds, the plowing up of what holds us back, and facing smelly truths about ourselves.
Thank You, Lord.

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