Letting Go

Letting Go

“The other day, I watched as the garbage collector took my garbage away, and an idea came to me: out-of-control thoughts, unforgiveness of wrongs, doubts, or the pursuit of notoriety may be stinking up my soul! Is my life full of harmful waste I’ve accumulated over time?

“When I set my garbage out on trash pickup day, the one who gathers it up takes it away for good, never returning it to me. The only thing I need to do is surrender the trash to the collector. If I hoard the junk, I’ll soon have a massive pile of useless, rotting refuse. I must let go of it in order for it to be hauled off.

Jesus seeks to remove those smelly scraps and wads of waste that choke my life, making it unfulfilling and depressing. He is the ultimate garbage collector! I need to let Him have the whole moldy mess in exchange for the sweet aroma of a clean heart-home.”

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