Forgive Me

Forgive Me

Being honest concerning self can be excruciatingly painful. Especially when I admit I don’t deserve forgiveness, acceptance, respect, or the love of my children. I am fully aware of the damage caused by my addiction. My past actions are not excusable, nor am I trying to make them so.

Herein lays the reason I am passionate about Jesus. Even though I found forgiving myself the single most challenging process in my life, it was Jesus who changed my whole perspective. He forgave the unforgivable. Bad things produce dire consequences. What we do will always have effects.

I cannot make up for wrongs already committed, but I can move forward in proclaiming freedom through the only name that saves us. Jesus, the name above all names.

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darla john
darla john
1 year ago

Good Morning, Ruth!
I so appreciate your honesty and vulnerability in your writing. This one especially tugs at my heart. None of us knows the other ones battle, but it’s for sure that all of us are battling something. May God bless you today as you continue forward in your pursuit of him and the life he has ordained for you. Thank you for being his vessel ♥️

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