What Will it Take

What Will it Take

Do you remember the day September 11, 2001, 8:46 – 10:28 am? Can you tell me what you were doing that morning? Some events make indelible impressions on our minds. But did it change us? For about three weeks, the jolt of reality that life could turn on us at any moment got our attention. Church attendance multiplied exponentially overnight. People hugged me I didn’t know, and the American flag waved in every neighborhood across America.

Twenty years roll by, and another warning strikes not only America but the entire world. This time the calamity incites frustration and division among the people. A pandemic that sends out the cry to wake up, the bridegroom is coming seems lost amid the confusion. In our attempt to return to “normal,” have we missed the time of preparation?

What will it take to bring lethargic, sleeping people to their knees?

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