What do You Think?

What do You Think?

It’s hard to imagine, but a thought came to me as I talked to my prayer partner, causing us to stop and ponder.

I was reading Mathew’s account of the crucifixion. People were spitting in Jesus’ face, beating Him with their fists, calling Him names, pounding the thorns into His scalp, and daring Him to save Himself. It astounded me that Jesus was able to remain undeterred to fulfill His mission to save them.

Then the thought came. Jesus has more faith in me than I have in Him. Weak and unstable as humanity’s performance has been throughout scripture, He staked His life on the few who would come through for Him. There was little trust to establish in a people He chose as His own. At that moment or now 

The question needs an answer do I do the same for Him? When ridicule and slurs come at me, do I trust Him even when the crowd mocks?

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