Game Changer

Game Changer

The devil has invited me to step outside for a fight. In fact, he challenges me every day to participate in a hand-to-hand, mind-to-mind standoff. He doesn’t seem to know he is no match for the one whose defense is Almighty God.

Puffing out his chest and stomping around with bursts of loud defaming words, he attempts to terrify me into believing he is to be feared. Alas, the wizard behind the curtain is a fraud. His roar is impotent.

The game-changer came when I realized the cross stripped Satan of his power. The only power he possesses over me will manifest when I open the door for him to come in and take over. SATAN HAS NO CHANCE when I dwell (to live as a resident) under the shadow of God’s protection. Psalm 91

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