The Cost of Free

The Cost of Free

Many believe that if a book is expensive, it must hold treasures few know about and have taken years of research. A sought-after author or your favorite writer may be worth the price.

The truth is there are books few have heard about—one of those books, “The Rest of the Gospel” by Dan Stone, changed my understanding of God. I recommend this small book to anyone. It is worth more than the asking price.

Name brands are more expensive because some celebrities like and endorse the brand. Others manipulate the buyer into believing their product has powers it does not. Still, some have made great sacrifices to perfect a product that justifies the cost.

Jesus sacrificed everything for me to receive more than I deserve. The natural, humane instinct finds it hard to believe that it’s free.

I have struggled to accept there is nothing I can do to recommend me for Salvation. The immeasurable love of God qualifies me with no assembly required.


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