Truth Shall Set Us Free

Truth Shall Set Us Free

Instead of cowering from the truth and seeking a hiding place, consider looking at your dilemma straight in the eye. I am so grateful for the guidance God supplies me with every day.

Jesus invites me to run to Him. He is my strong tower and my hiding place. He often puts me in a position of no escape. There is no way around it, no way under it, and no way over it for the simple reason I need to go through it for my own good.

Facing my problem is not a problem if I have placed God on the throne. He stands in my place, giving me the victory over my adversary, the devil. My many messes are a result of me trying to do God’s job.

Viewing the truth about me was the most challenging undertaking I ever faced. Once I acknowledged my helplessness and gave control to God, all my anxiety left me. God’s perfect love cast out all my fears.

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