The Healing Process

The Healing Process

The overall most magnificent thing God offered me was forgiveness. For every horrific act, I have committed, I stand forgiven. Not just for certain sins but every sin I’ve committed against Him. He cleanses from all unrighteousness.

Along with His forgiving me, He challenges me to forgive those who have violated my trust, who are mean-spirited. For any act of violence, hatred, or defaming words to make me look less than what God sees in me, I must forgive.

Jesus asks me, “If you cannot forgive what others have done to you, how can I ignore what you have done to Me?” Forgiving is the healing process of the broken. Jesus’ sacrifice has made healing possible. When I refuse to forgive, the wound lodges not only in my heart but in my body; it makes me sick, literally.

Thank You, Father, for the Love that forgives.

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