I Want to Stop Hoping

I Want to Stop Hoping

I want to stop hoping and start knowing. How often do I pray, hoping God considers my prayer worthy of answering? When I pray for someone’s salvation, I already know it’s God’s will to save that person.

I seem to forget God has many ways to get people’s attention. He doesn’t force people into anything but applies methods to wake them up to their needs.

God convinced the reluctant prophet Balaam through the voice of a donkey. God also got Paul’s attention by sending a bolt of blinding light, putting Paul on his backside. King Nebuchadnezzar found himself eating grass in a field for seven years before he acknowledged God as supreme.

I don’t need to tell an almighty God what He needs to do in my situation. I need to know the great “I Am” will do whatever is necessary to bring a heart to the decision point.

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