Combating the Assault

Combating the Assault

I’m going to chat with you a bit about a new trick I’ve applied to get me past dark times. You know, those times the enemy comes at you with dark forebodings, accusations, and reminders of past failures.

The mystery is I know these feelings are just feeling and lies the devil is telling me. I am also aware I cannot allow my emotions to obscure what I know to be true. How do I counteract these attacks? How do I stop them from engulfing me?

Sometimes the dread and darkness come at night while I lay in bed. Even while I’m having a conversation with God, I experience loneliness and a sense of separation.

One night while combating the assault, a thought came to mind. It was so simple I questioned if it could work. I smiled. I smiled with confidence, and the attack ended. I tried it another night, and the devil took his leave. Tonight when I began to feel those same disturbing thoughts, I smiled with the same results.

I think my adversary hates to see me smile because he knows I know the source of joy.

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