Lord God and Father of us all, we turn to You.

The world is reeling out of control, which means its inhabitants are facing a new reality. You saw this day from the beginning and know what to expect. Regardless of our inabilities, You control the next step and how to walk us through this minefield.

If we look at the chaos, we are overwhelmed. If our eyes are on you, we are secure in your hands. Keep us focused, Lord, because we need a revival. We need a renewal of commitment, the refreshing rain of Holy Spirit power. We need more than an excellent sermon; we need You to thunder from heaven and shake us awake, for the Bridegroom cometh!

Breathe life, Father, into these dry bones of ours so we can stand an army, at the ready, for what comes next. You can see our helplessness without Your breathe of fire leading the way.

There are so many confused minds in the valley of decision and too few workers. Ripen the harvest with the wind of revival to gather the ripened grain into the storehouse before the door of opportunity closes.

Start with me, Lord, and call the workers together for a revival not seen since Pentecost. Let the wind of Your Spirit blow again, so every man, woman, and child will acknowledge You have spoken. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, we pray,


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