The Promise. Part Three

The Promise. Part Three

Meet the 7:40 train is all it said.

I had only a half-hour to get there, so I began to fumble through my closet for something more than a tee-shirt and shorts on this cold, wet night.

I almost tripped and fell, putting khakis on over my shoes. After stuffing the card in my pants pocket, I managed to get out the door without physical damage.

The streets were empty as if the world stopped for this moment. The only sound came from the rain pelting the roof of the car and an occasional squeak from the windshield wiper. I’m finding it difficult to see through the rain and fog, which is getting thicker by the moment.

My concentration must be on the road ahead if I am to make it to the station safely. I leaned forward on the steering wheel to get as close to the windshield as possible for better visibility. Without warning, brilliant lights blinded my vision. I swerve toward the side of the road, barely missing the on-coming vehicle. I need to take a moment to catch my breath before proceeding. That was a near disaster, thinking out loud.

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