The Promise, Part Ten

The Promise, Part Ten

The 7:40 train will be arriving in 20 minutes!

I’m awake now! The whole world must have heard the announcement. The promise is true; the 740 is arriving even though it’s almost the break of day.

Wait a minute! How did all of these people get here? Every size and description are in attendance. Some passengers carried scars and wounds, while others wore crutches or sat in wheelchairs. The majority have their luggage. Was I supposed to bring luggage? The paper didn’t say to bring anything, so I didn’t.
How odd! The people without any carry-on all have coats like Faith and me. I also noticed the few wearing the coats are joyous and jubilant. The suitcase carriers are sullen, unhappy, or downright angry.

An anxious older gentleman comes up to me. “Will you help me?” he asked. What can I do to help, Mister? “My name is Timid, but you can call me Tim. I seem to have misplaced my card. What can I do now? It’s too late, and the train is coming.” He began to tremble. “Here, sit in my place, and I will find your card. Where were you when you last had it in your hand?” “In the back of the room by the drinking fountain, he said.”

When I look around, every seat has someone sitting there, and the rest are standing. How am I going to find a small card in this crowd? I go to my knees and begin to search the floor in desperation. The clock that once seemed to move so slowly is now moving at the speed of light.

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