The Promise, Part Seven

The Promise, Part Seven

He’s a real creeper who preys on the innocent. Anyway, He took my watch and stomped on it until he broke it to pieces.”

Her smile revealed she has no fear in this world, and her clear blue eyes spoke confidence. There was something about her that made me feel we had been friends for a long time.

The cold night air penetrates my core. I walk to the bench holding the coat of possibilities. What are the chances this coat is going to fit? I slipped my arm into the sleeve. I can’t believe the warmth inside this coat. There is no heater in the room, but the entire jacket is warm and fits perfectly. The fit was so perfect as to ward off any cold air-seeking entrance.

I reach into my pants pocket to reassure myself of the presence of the now crumpled-up card. What!!? It’s not there. Panic is coursing through my entire body as I stick my hand deep in my pocket, and feeling into all corners, I find nothing. The other front pocket bears no reward as well. My back pockets are empty. I franticly grab the windbreaker I just replaced and thoroughly searched every pocket. I know it’s not in my new coat because I put the card from my pants there.

I’ll check just in case. No card. This horror can’t be happening to me! I know I put the card in my pants before I left the house. A fear I’ve never encountered is trying to confuse and overtake me. Where did I last check to see if I still had the card?

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