The Promise, Part Five

The Promise, Part Five

The silence is interrupted only by every echoing tick of the second hand from the clock on the wall. Glancing at the time, I can’t believe how few minutes have passed. I’ll check my watch to see if it correlates to the stations’ clock. It can’t be right. In checking my wrist, I remember someone took my wristwatch. Later I had found it crushed on the pavement.

Twiddling my thumbs is not holding my attention, so I try pacing the floor for a while. Passing the drinking fountain reminds me of how thirsty I am, and I take a long drink.
Anxious for the train to arrive, I walk over to the lady across the room; maybe she has the time. “Hello,” I speak quietly, not to disturb the solitude. “Waiting for the train?” I venture. “Excuse my lack of manners; my name is Victor reaching my hand forward. Removing a familiar card from her right hand and putting it in her coat pocket, she shook my hand. Faith, she said, my names’ Faith.

She had followed my eyes to her pocket. “The craziest thing happened,” she said.

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