The Promise, Part Eight

The Promise, Part Eight

The double doors of the train station fly open. A strong gust of wind sends leaves and debris scattering across the floor. “What a mess this is, I say to Faith, and even worse, I’ve lost my card too.” Oh, no, I will help you find it, “she said. “It has to be here somewhere; I never left the building.” “Maybe we’ll find it if we sweep up this mess, Faith suggests.” “Okay, I’ll get the broom I saw leaning against the janitor’s closet when I was walking around earlier.”

“I’ll sweep if you are willing to keep a watch out for the paper, Faith.” She smiled, “Not a problem.” Sweeping has not been one of those things I’ve done too often in the past, but the loss of the paper card gave me all the incentive I need. My confidence is not very strong since the leaves are multi-colored, the dirt is brown, and my card is shiny white. It should have revealed itself by now. I seem to have had nothing but problems since the message to meet the 7:40 arrived.

My heart has a sinking feeling as we are nearing the end of our debris clearing efforts. Faith keeps my spirits up with her singing. The last place to search is the corner where the drinking fountain sits. As my broom rounds the back of the fount, I see a crumpled, thick paper that’s not so white. Covered with dirt and grime, it hardly resembles the notice. I gently brush the earth from the writing, and with a prayer on my lips, I smoothed the wrinkles to reveal,
Meet the 7:40 train

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