Stepping Out, Stepping In

Stepping Out, Stepping In

When I step out in faith, Jesus steps in to take over. If I think I know the answer to my dilemma and pursue my way, I find the way clogged and obstructed with debris.

Jesus will take what little I have and multiply its insignificance into abundance. Mary, the mother of Jesus, told the servants to do whatever Jesus told them. The servants stepped out in faith by obeying. Hence, the water became wine and saved embarrassing the father of the bride at their wedding.

Five loaves of bread and two fish fed five thousand. Five thousand once and four thousand the second time, Jesus fed the people through obedience and trust. When taxes were due, and Peter told Jesus they didn’t have the money, Jesus paid it with a coin from a fish’s mouth. Through the testimony of a small child, a Roman centurion experienced healing from an incurable disease.

None of these examples came about through human effort. They were all done when God interceded miraculously because someone trusted in the almighty love of God. I can be sure the Father’s love has a plan to restore, save, or develop a greater understanding even in loss.

Trust is a big word demanding our attention. Without trust, the future holds whatever comes my way. Trust takes all the fear out of my life.

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