Prayer Against Evil #1

Prayer Against Evil #1

This prayer is the first I am praying against any plans found in our own government to harm God’s people. Remember, the prayers we pray have no political agenda other than the battle against evil. Next week we will pray for the next thing the Lord lays on our hearts.

I invite you to be a part of this project to add your prayer, comment, or suggest a need.

Dear Father,
You are Holy and Righteous and Good. You are worthy of praise and honor, and we are privileged to be counted among Your children.

For this moment in time, You have brought us to the place where we live. For a grander purpose than we first imagined, You chose us. Here we are at the beginning of many uncertainties as far as this world is concerned. The reality of the hour terrifies all but those who find their rest in You.

It is on You we call today. On You, we place our heart, our will, and trust in Your unfailing love and truth. Your mighty hands are quick to save, and right now, many believing and hurting people need Your intervention.

Through the name and authority of Jesus Christ, we call for the release of the army of warrior angels to storm the gates of evil set up in the halls of justice in Washington. Intercede for truth in the house of Congress and the Senate. Sit at the table of the lawmakers and confound any evil plan the devil has for working against Your perfect will.

Prepare your children to stand at the ready when You call. Prayer is our weapon of choice, and there is no power as significant as the name of Jesus. Our confidence stands on that name.

Thank You for going before us into places only You can go to hold back the forces bent on destruction. If You are for us, who can stand against us?

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