Power of Praise

Power of Praise

There is power in praise:

“God Inhabits the Praises of His People” – Psalm 22:3 KJV. My verbal praise is worshipping the God of glory, and since He inhabits praise, He is present whenever I utter my gratitude. This realization makes me want to start every prayer by praising Him for His blessings.

I must remember every trial is God’s opportunity to inform and strengthen me even when intended for evil from Satan or hidden from view.

Purpose in praise:

My tendency is to bring a list of wants and needs before the throne for God to fulfill. I often come weighed down with the burdens of the day. On the other hand, when I come with praise, something happens to the weight I’m carrying. My adulation lifts my heart heavenward, and my heavy load disappears.

Peace in praise:

My applauding the goodness coming from the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, invites them to speak to me. They council me, encourage me and comfort me. They open my eyes to the hidden needs within me.

Praise brings us together and quiets my restlessness as nothing else can. Giving honor to God opens doors and releases the Spirit’s power for more and more glory. Let the praise begin!

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