Light is a Revealer

Light is a Revealer

When God created the earth, His first miracle was to blast the darkness with light. He also separated the dark from the light. Light reveals the handiwork, goodness, and love of the one calling us out of darkness into His luminous presence.

Light is a revealer. For this reason, those who prefer the dark avoid the exposure light brings upon the heart. Thinking the dark of night as a good hiding place, they burrow down for a long winter’s nap. The nap becomes a deep sleep from which too many never awake.

Jesus came to earth to shine a light on the character of God, His Father. Few had or have a clear picture of the nature of the Almighty. He called Himself the light of the world, but because of the stupefying sleep we mentioned, the world missed and still misses His existence.

The responsibility of carrying the torch to a dying world He has passed on to me and you. We, are now to be the light of the world. There will be an awakening through the Spirit-powered revival that is coming as we have never seen before. We are in the most perilous yet exciting time in the world’s history. Now is not the time to sleep.

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