Who Am I?

Who Am I?

How many times in life have you told yourself, “I need to get away; I need to find myself?” Are you living life as you, or are you attempting to be who someone else would like you to be? This kind of confusion can make life difficult.

Too many of us try to appease to please for the sake of harmony or to impress. We want people to like us or to “fit in,” so we compromise ourselves. We need to know, without a doubt, who we are.

To know Jesus is to know who we are. When we truly know Jesus, we discover an existing plan for our lives from the beginning. Not a thing transpires that Jesus’ directive does not influence. What a relief it is to have the master architect at work making our lives have meaning.

Never think, say, or try to become what any human being desires you to be. We are God’s beloved children, and He will give us the reward of His victory over the enemy of our souls. Watch out for someone who wants control over your life, that given the opportunity, will bring destruction.

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