One, or the Other

One, or the Other

We all know oil and water by themselves do not mix. We also know God and evil cannot co-exist. Adam and Eve accepted the suggestion to know good and evil would be a good thing. We are living in a chaotic, clashing world, proving the contrary.

In the beginning, God gave us the ability to choose good or evil, one or the other. Why do we think we can combine the two and still have harmony, peace, and fulfillment in our lives. It’s not possible.

My free will can choose one or the other but not a combination of the two or a third option to include my will apart from any other. In other words, I don’t have three choices, God’s way, the devil’s way, or my way. To embrace my way is to select the enemy’s control.

The selection of God’s will allows Him to separate the evil from my life. With choosing God as my choice, He begins removing all things in conflict with each other, leaving what is in harmony with Him.

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