Being Misunderstood

Being Misunderstood

I was listening to an interview between the Christian recording artist, Lauren Daigle, and a Podcaster. What caught my attention was what Miss Daigle found difficult for her to confront as a public figure. She felt the sting when people misunderstood her.

It runs contrary to our nature not to respond to criticism. We want desperately to correct the misconception or to fight back with a few choice words of our own. She desires to allow them their opinion, not to be angry or take it personally. What would Jesus do? He would love them like when He asked His Father to forgive those crucifying Him.

It helps when I remember whose opinion I want to believe the most. Do I consider what others think of me the truth? Do I think I am a worthless pile of junk with no redeeming qualities? On the contrary, Jesus sees me as valuable, worth dying for, saving, renewing, and worth the fight.

I’m going to go with what Jesus sees when looking at me. He sees what is true.
How about you?

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