What Stops Us?

What Stops Us?

What stops us from abandoning everything connected to this earth? Do other people’s opinions have any hold on us? Does political correctness govern us?

We can see the world drawing lines; the divide is expanding between good and evil. The speed of change is startling. However, it doesn’t appear to unsettle us to the point of changing how we view the world. We want it to continue the way it was.

Can we gamble on having the time, sometime in the future, to address what needs changing inside us? If we are honest, we must admit there is no place on earth free from stress, worry, suffering, or fear.

The need is great and heavy to carry. Because of the ramifications of the pandemic, we have a new pandemic. The loss of hope for many around the world has spawned the monster of suicide.

We cannot put our hope in anything this world offers. All things in man’s control turn out unstable and unreliable. The only thing you and I can trust is a never-changing, grace-filled Christ to save us.

Now’s the time; now’s the day to abandon ourselves to God. Allow Him to remedy anything keeping us back from a fully committed life. The One who holds us in His mighty hands removes the fear of what’s to come. We can trust it to be true. We can breathe because He is in control, not us. He does not rely on who we are but what He makes of us.

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