The Truly Rich

The Truly Rich

Bill and Melinda Gates is a prime example of the lie, money brings happiness. Together they massed billions of dollars to be spent on any and every desire of the heart except one. The empty soul is a dark and void interior.
Even their philanthropic endeavors fall short of harmony with God. Try as I might, I cannot produce love, purpose, peace, and forgiveness. These are all gifts from an almighty God. No amount of money can buy these gifts nor does intelligence produce them.

The truly rich are the widow who gave her only mite, the officer who was cleansed from leprosy in a dirty river, the demoniac who was freed from the devil’s clutches.

The truly rich are those who sacrifice self to give and accept their circumstance as an opportunity for God to work. Rich are those who recognize surrender as a place to rest and trials as fertile ground from which to grow.

Never judge what you have or don’t have; who you know or don’t know in this world as criteria for success. When I am the weakest Jesus is the strongest and when He governs my day the miraculous is revealed. So be it Lord Jesus!

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