A Revelation of God

A Revelation of God

To explain Jesus through our reasoning, logic, or science is impossible. For Him to be known comes through revelation. God must reveal Himself to me, and the only way for God to manifest Himself is through a spiritual encounter. Spiritual encounters are taking place all around us.

The colors and symphony of the birds are a spiritual encounter. The sun, moon, and stars are a spectacular display of His majesty that speaks of His power to create and maintain the universe. The most diminutive brook captures the heart of man as it joyfully sings its way toward the sea. God is on display everywhere we turn if we make ourselves conscious of His voice.

When we were young, the smell of rain was a new experience. The seasons changed, and we noticed the differences. Do we recognize revelations of God now, or have we lost our sensitivity to the sound of His voice?

Do not allow the noise of chaos to rob us of how God continues to connect us with Himself. Look above the temporal to the eternal blessings that are still ours. He has not forgotten who we are. Let us remember He is still present.

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