Knock, Knock

Knock, Knock

Knock, Knock
We are encouraged to ask to receive, seek to find, and knock before the door can be opened. What is the meaning of this verse in Luke 11:9-10? I have prayed many prayers asking for something clearly according to God’s will. Before the throne of grace, I have sought solutions to dilemmas beyond my control. I have pounded on God’s door for answers which, in some cases, have never opened as yet. Can you relate?

To ask means I am lacking something. If I am asking, I don’t have what I’m missing. I don’t ask for what I already have.

To seek is to go beyond asking. Seeking calls for action on my part. I must put some effort into what is lost. If I have a child, loved one, or friend who is lost do I not want to know what I can do to assist the father in finding them?

In the parable of the lost coin what was needed was a sweeping of the house. My house needs to be cleansed before I can see clearly in my search for the lost coin. Luke 15: 8-10

Knocking on the door of mercy means I am passionate about the matter I’m pursuing. I am persistent in my desire, I am in earnest, I am committed to sticking with it to the end My eye is on the goal, or do I habitually look at the difficulties? If I’m basing my conclusions on what I see, hear, and feel the devil will always make sure it looks impossible; but if I go on what I know about God the outcome changes.

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