Who is the Wiser?
I look at the sky and the clouds still float by leaving me in awe of their beauty. They are consistent; always on the move. I depend, without thought, on the sun rising in the East and the moon making its predetermined way across the sky. I put my trust in them.

Is there anything in this world I can depend on as I can depend on the sun, moon, and clouds? Think about it for a minute. Can I commit to trusting a human being? People will at some point let me down or disappoint me. Man-made buildings fall, technology fails, and promises are broken.

God made the sun, the moon, and formed the clouds. God also made man after His image. The one is obedient, the other is rebellious. Why is the inhabitance of this world in fear and chaos? Could the contrast be one has free choice where the other does not?

I have taken what God gave me for good and used it for self-aggrandizement. I have made myself the god I worship. In so doing I have created confusion, discord, and disaster. I could not exist if the sun, moon, and clouds did what I do. If the heavens followed their instincts instead of the laws God laid out for them, life would cease.

Who is the wiser, am I or nature?

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