The Truth Sets Us Free

The Truth Sets Us Free

Yesterday was a difficult day. My emotions and feelings were in a desperate struggle for supremacy over what I know to be the truth. I have discovered being conscious of my feeling is important but identifying where those feelings are coming from is necessary.

In the evening I decided it was time to deal with them. I went to my room and closed the door and started an interview with myself. The first question I posed was who are you? I didn’t ask who I wanted to be, who I thought I was, or who other people think I am. I needed to hear myself state, the truth of who I am.

The very first thought in my head was the truth without any qualifications; I am a child of the King. My best friend is God and King and the only one who can change that is me. If I choose to believe the devil’s lies about me then I start down the slippery slope to depression and despair.

The second question I asked myself was what is my purpose for this life? Again the answer to the question was obvious. I am a reflection. As the moon reflects the light of the sun, so I am a reflection of the Son. I am God’s love story to my family, friends, neighbors, bosses, and fellow workers. There is no greater purpose, no greater gift than to belong, dwell, and share in the good news of Jesus who goes before us and wins every battle.

Stating the truth aloud so I could hear it caused the enemy to flee, and I smiled.

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